… a time when a business credit card issued to a professional woman would be rejected at most restaurants?

(How could a woman legitimately have a credit card in her own name?)

… a time when a professional woman meeting a client for a working lunch would be escorted out of a restaurant by a Maitre d’ to wait for her client in a lobby?

(How could a proper lady sit alone in a public place?)

… a time when a woman with a stellar academic record would be refused admission to a graduate program solely on the basis of her gender, and told that if she made a “fuss” about it, she would be seated “under the seminar table?”

(Who could she possibly complain to and on what basis?)

… a time when a professional woman was offered less than the pay of her male counterparts because her husband was employed and earning a “living wage?”

(The struggle for equal pay for equal work has a long history – too long)


…and on and on…

If your imagination can not paint the pictures presented for you, find an octogenarian to help you fill in the imagery.  And, if you can’t find an octogenarian, contact me and I’ll gladly provide you with vivid illustrations.

I look forward to hearing from you.