A Man of Genius


The contemporary literary landscape is littered with unreliable narrators. Yet none may have a more compelling and complex story to tell than Arthur Dolinger, through whose voice A Man of Genius [April 2016] – the stunning debut novel from octogenarian author Lynn Rosen – is told.

Centered on Samuel Grafton-Hall — a 20th Century architect whose work is brilliant and revered while he stands above the fray, unrepentant for his peccadilloes and perversions — A Man of Genius immerses its reader in his glamorous lionizing world. As Dolinger,  Grafton-Hall’s lawyer and executor, attempts to piece together an extraordinary mystery prompted by a strange codicil in the architect’s will, readers are swept into the mind and misdeeds of a man of genius who revels in his cynicism and disdain, and leaves colleagues, lovers, and friends deeply scarred for knowing him.

Then there is the murder. Could the question of who committed the murder — and who died — be of less consequence than the question of whether the mark of genius justifies forbearance?

A Man of Genius deals with the questions that surround memory – its validity, application, and our reliance on it,” states Rosen. “But beyond the level of its plot, it examines the reader’s own system of moral obligation.”

Full of breathtaking imagery, doomed affairs, and questions for which there are few uncomplicated answers, A Man of Genius is an evocative and suspenseful look at a life of glittering achievement and unrestrained hubris. A dazzling work of fiction from an exciting new voice, Rosen’s debut is a not-to-be-missed addition to the bookcases of fans of Agatha Christie, Daphne DuMaurier, and Gillian Flynn.